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David Hockney: 82 Portraits & 1 Still-Life @ LACMA

August 14, 2018

I was very excited to attend David Hockney’s 3-year-painting-experiment-gone-come-to-life–installation-vision at LACMA a few weeks ago.

Hockney Himself 

True to title, David Hockney’s 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life features paintings in which Hockney invited family members, friends, employees art world luminaries and what have you to his Hollywood Hills studio. Over a period of three, or so, days, Hockney would bring the sitter to life. These “20 hour exposure periods” are hung together in one gallery space, which creates a highly visually unified body of work.

Members of the Hockey portrait posey include Larry Gagosian, Frank Gehry, Irving Blum, John Baldessari and Benedikt Taschen.


For all of its perfection, the show, to make a criticism, seems slightly rigid in its approach. While certainly a classic study in contemporary portraiture, at times, the sameness can lead the viewer yearning for a greater depth or level of visual inquiry. Here, Hockney stays, somewhat, on the surface.

Still, the show, in a way, is magnificent, and offers of glimpse of a true master at a classic zenith in his life and his career.


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